Customer relationships in a digital world

If you are about to embark on a customer impacting change programme then it’s vital to get the fundamentals right.  CRM, CVM, SCV, Digital transformation.  All of these customer impacting initiatives  offer real opportunities to transform business performance.  They also offer real pitfalls and challenges. One size never fits all. This site will show you how to turn the promises you made on paper into real business performance. So you can:

  • Programmes go wrong in one place; at the beginning. Make sure your CRM programme starts off on a sound footing by building a robust strategy and business case
  • Start in the shallow end  – make sure you have a governance model for your CRM/CVM programme that is aligned with your business objectives
  • Where agile methods meet strategic change – start using modular delivery and start-up techniques (such as MVP) to ensure you can get to go-live quickly and successfully
  • Turn your customer strategy into reality – make the best use of CRM software already in place and set out a roadmap for future business benefit.
Please contact me to see how I can help you turn the business commitments you made into business reality. Or call +44(0)7801 749 188 to talk to chat.

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Customer success in a digital world