We are a consulting company dedicated to helping businesses and organisations make the optimum pragmatic choices around their CRM programs looking at all elements of success; process, people and systems based capabilities.  We specialize in helping organizations not only make the right decisions around system led sales and marketing change programs but also help them deliver lasting success from their crm investments. In our experience implementing a CRM system is certainly not the same as other types of systems implementation; moreover implementing sales and relationship management oriented change in certain sectors presents a very unique set of challenges and pitfalls. One size never fits all when it comes to CRM.  We work across a number of sectors (Telecoms, Travel & Tourism, Utilities etc.).  This site is here to help you turn the promises you made on paper into real business performance:

  1. To help make sure your CRM program starts off on a sound footing by building a robust strategy and business case
  2. To help reinvigorate a CRM program that has lost its way by reengaging effectively with the business
  3. Effective CRM program leadership – running a CRM program at the boundary of IT and the business
  4. Using Agile and start-up techniques (such as MVP) to ensure you can get to go-live quickly and successfully
  5. Operationalising your CRM strategy to leverage CRM software already in place and set out a roadmap for future business benefit.
Please contact me to see how I can help you turn the business commitments you made into business reality. Or call +44(0)7801 749 188 to talk to Jeremy Brown directly.

Globalization of law firm CRM operations

As the merger and consolidation of global law firms continues apace how far will the operational challenges and opportunities be addressed around merging, streamlining and consolidating the various sales, marketing and business development processes that will surely exist across these firms?  How much of a priority is the sales and marketing dimension when consolidation at a P&L level becomes consolidation at an operational level?

CRM is different

A CRM program is not like an ERP program (even though they share a letter).  You are building an environment and infrastructure that your people AND customers must like for them to use it.  No matter how hard you try it’s difficult to avoid the optionality of using a CRM system.  Communications play a key role in awareness and adoption

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