Getting my hands dirty and my boots covered in mud.  As far as possible from the worlds of software, big data, customer strategies and stakeholder management.  I’m never sure if this is a sign I’m doing the right thing (if I won the lottery I’d own a market garden and smallholding) but…

Some goats discussing the optimal information architecture for an eCommerce replatform

When the hands and feet are occupied with physical, sometimes repetitive tasks and the brain is working in a different way I think about work (the money making variety that is) and that thinking is enjoyable.  It allows me to look at challenges and issues with the luxury of deep thinking; where the mind can interrogate its own information warehouse and bring a whole range of ideas to bear on a problem.  It’s a bit like that “I had a thought in the shower this morning…”  except mine is based on “I had a thought while shearing the goats…”

We all need the space and place to remove ourselves from the fast thinking, instinctive world of the desktop and place our problems and business challenges in a completely different place.  They look very different from those perspectives.

I’m a passionate believer in sustainability for both environments and communities.  Feel free to explore my facebook page here.