My career has been a transition from marketing analysis and strategy through CRM and sales through to systems implementation in the digital domain.  I have worked in marketing operations and led multi-million dollar change programmes; all with a focus on making life better for customers and companies.  With experience in both camps I understand the unique challenges of delivering customer focussed change within the constraints of the processes and methods of large scale systems implementations.

With a grounding in business analytics and modelling I tested the waters of CRM with a small start up in 1995 before moving into full scale CRM system based change for Deloitte Consulting.  Working with a number of clients from a wide range of sectors (media, utilities, telecommunications) I helped support them in their CRM investments across a number of platforms (Siebel, SAP).

I then joined BT plc in 2003 as a Customer Service Director in one of their web ventures (offering an online CRM advice and support information network).  Growing the customer base to over 100,000 customers this role was a unique combination of operationally managing a customer base using up to date CRM techniques at the same time as ensuring that the information and advice provided represented leading edge thinking in the CRM space.  At the same time we went through at least three web replatforms.

It was after this role that I took on the task of delivering a global CRM programme (using the InterAction CRM platform from LexisNexis) to Ernst & Young.  What started as a small local implementation eventually became a global platform strategy to support the globalization agenda of this major professional services firm.  With over 100,000 licences delivered across all of the countries covered by the firm the program delivered on time and to budget.  Morever the business objectives of consistent and clear global pipeline, single account view were also achieved.

For the last few years my customer operations and CRM experience has turned “digital” with a focus on ensuring the front end digital capabilities (web and apps) reflect the customer journeys customers need, expose the right customer data the organisation needs and operates at the pace of an ever accelerating market. The learnings from my whole career are brought to light on this site.