Any business looking to way it changes the way it identifies, acquires and manages customers must ensure that digital capabilities are at the heart of this change.   From the financial and reporting systems through automated marketing, order fullfillment and customer engagement digital channels and capabilities are everything.

We can help you shape the right programme to achieve your business objectives. Our approach is different so that we can help deliver different results.  CRM change programmes are challenging and require different ways of teaming, deploying and planning.  We can also work with you to help turnaround programmes that may have lost their direction or purpose.  Here are a few areas where we can support you.

  • Digital customer strategy & digital roadmap development

No programme will succeed without a clear purpose, vision and strategy for achieving this vision.  Customer acquistion, retention, cost to serve, improved analytics the list is endless. You’ll need to structure your strategy around and appropriate framework so that you can understand where and how your priorities will develop over time.  My old employer Deloitte referred to CRM as being an elephant; that is not a meal that you can eat in one sitting.  A critical component of your CRM strategy will be the development of a roadmap that will help describe the journey you will take over the coming months and years.  The roadmap also acts as a very powerful tool in managing customer (user) expectations and setting business priorities for your investments

  • Business case & benefits realization

Going hand in hand with your CRM Strategy will be a set of benefits statements and a business case that sets out what you hope to achieve with your investment.  The CRM business case is only part of the story though.  You will need a plan of action that will show your business HOW you will deliver the business case; a benefits realization plan.  We can help you structure your business case to maximum effect with a structure and style that meets the business culture and requirements of your leadership.  Specific tools and techniques applied to your case can help bring it to life and ensure the document lives beyond executive sign off

  • CRM Systems selection

Now some would say that business case development is very difficult without accurate investment numbers for a specific product.  This is true.  You may have an iterative process that defines the business need at one level, develops the business requirements at another level and then goes through system selection so that another round of approval can be carried out with a particular package or suite of applications in mind.  We can help you do this but more importantly… we work at the boundary of IT and the business.  A place that can be a source of real friction and frustration.  By ensuring that your IT priorities and your business priorities are in lock step you can help ensure that the first step is a sure step.  We are independent and totally system agnostic.  We are business value focussed and can help you ensure that the strategy and business case is properly connected to your business requirements (sometimes the connection gets lost.

  • System implementation & change management

Implementing CRM is not like implementing other software packages (that’s what this site is all about).  Doing your implementation following methods and tools that work with other packages is no guaranty of success in a programme that straddles integration, change management and customer strategy.  We don’t do the IT part but we can help ensure that the right approach and priorities are being pursued in your implementation model.

  • Post implementation optimization/rescue

Things don’t always go according to plan.  Nor do they always deliver on the promises made.  With an effective review and recommendation process we can get your CRM activities back on track or at least make recommendations that get them back on track.